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#StickinWith Kurt Busch at Auto Club

Gene Haas started the 41 team for driver Kurt Busch because Haas, who owns the largest CNC equipment company in the world, really wants to see his name in Victory Lane.  After Busch’s impressive 2013 taking a single car team to The Chase for the first time, Haas saw his opportunity to make his wish […]


Danica’s Nippy Selfie VIDEO

  Well.  Isn’t this interesting.  Scrolling through the internets I came across this little tidbit.  NASCAR Nation superstar Danica Patrick is no stranger to the camera.  As her racing career took off the constant draw to the photographer’s lens took off as well.  When Danica herself is the photographer, however, things can become interesting very […]

NASCAR 2014:   Sprint Cup Series The Profit on CNBC 500 Mar 01

#StickinWith Kurt Busch at Bristol

This week, I’m #StickinWith Kurt Busch at Bristol Motor Speedway.  If the rain holds off long enough, Busch will have a shot a claiming his sixth win at what is affectionately called the “Last Great Coliseum”.  To do it, Busch will have to work his way up from the 13th starting position.


It’s Bristol Baby! Top Moments from 2013 VIDEO

It’s that time again.  Time for the beating and banging fender to fender action that is racing at Bristol Motor Speedway.  With 15 wins in NASCAR’s top divisions, Kyle Busch is the man to beat at Bristol, and looks to be a strong favorite once again.  He razzled and dazzled in 2013, winning both Nationwide […]


Tesla Banned in New Jersey

This certainly isn’t a motorsports related story, but the lead headline in a recent “90 Seconds on The Verge” tells about the future of electric motor powered vehicle company Tesla’s future in New Jersey, or lack there of.  This isn’t cool.  Not at all.  I hope that dealerships for the Motor Trend Car of the […]

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