Bizarre Car Tie Ins

Over the years there have been some truly bizarre car tie ins that have left us scratching our heads, but these ones really take the cake.

Levi’s AMC Gremlin

In 1973 Levi decided to collaborate with American Motors to create a car that looked like it was made out of denim. But fire regulations determined that real denim could not be used, so Levi created an alternative that looked like the real thing. Even the seats had the distinctive copper rivets and the red Levi tabs.

Bon Jovi/Rolling Stones/Pink Floyd VW Golf

In 1994 Volkswagen sponsored 3 major rock bands on a European tour, and not content with backing these singing superstars, they decided to release a special edition Golf for each band. Essentially, these Golf’s were exactly the same as their standard models, only they had upgraded speakers, customised stickers, alloys and a special seat cover that tied in with the associated band.

Harley Davidson Ford F150

In 2008 Harley Davidson released the biggest mid life crisis truck ever. The overpriced pickup with Harley branded chrome finishes was a hit with middle aged men, and the brand has actually gone on to make 6 models, all with V8 engines, that have been met with equal success. The pickup’s seats are even trimmed to look like Harley-style biker jackets and sports suspension and 22-inch rims add to the appeal.

Ministry of Sound Nissan Juke

Not only was the Nissan Juke weird looking, Nissan felt the need to tie in a brand link to superclub Ministry of Sound. This exclusive model hit the market in 2012 and offered buyers a selection of special colour options, white 17-inch alloys and an iPod that came pre-loaded with the clubs banging tunes…

Victoria Beckham’s Range Rover Evoque

In 2012 Posh Spice traded singing for car design. Or so Range Rover had us believe. In the end it turned out that Victoria had simply offered input on the interior design and final finishes, but her name was used extensively to promote the car. Posh’s version came complete with special tanned leather seats, 16 speaker sound system, rose old detailing and a leather wallet that bore her signature for storing the cars manual in!

Versace Lamborghini Murcielago

Perhaps the best-of-the-worst tie ins, this 2006 collab saw designers from Versace kit out a Murcielago. Yes, it was ostentatious and OTT, but the 2-tone leather interior, small plaques, matching luggage set and driving shoes and gloves were a hit with the rich and famous. Of course buying one would set you back even more than you’re likely to win at an online casino, unless you hit a progressive jackpot!

Funkmaster Flex Ford Expedition

Ford really broke the mould here, but not in away that anyone really applauded. The Funkmaster Flex hit the market in 2008 and was a collaboration between hip-hop DJ Funkmaster Flex and the car brand. Predictably the SUV came complete with a body kit that could be customised, was available in a range of gaudy colours and chrome accents and had enormous 20-inch rims that were basically made of solid bling.

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