Choosing The Right Boat

Choosing The Right Boat

For many of us, the dream of owning our own boat is one that’s all too real, and some people spend their entire lives saving up to purchase the perfect seafaring vessel that they can take out on the water every chance they get. 

Boats come in every shape, size, and configuration imaginable, and for the boating enthusiast, there’s plenty of choice to go around. For those that are looking at buying their first vessel, however, and are not interested in the semantics, it generally boils down to two main choices: powerboats and sailing boats. So, after winning at online pokies NZ or saving up for years, these are the advantages and disadvantages of both sailing and powerboats that can help you make up your mind.

Sailing Boat Advantages

Costs: Apart from the actual cost of buying the boat, there are not many costs associated with sailing boats. They generally tend to cost far less in the long run compared to powerboats due to the lack of an engine. Not only does this cut down on maintenance, but it also saves those enormous amounts a sailor would need to spend on fuel.

Silence: Without an engine, sailing boats are extremely quiet, which is perfect for those that are looking for a more laid-back boating experience, especially if you’re planning to use the boat as accommodation at some point.

Activity: Sailing boats are much more enjoyable if you’re one that likes the intricacies of sailing. The sails need to be put up and down, changed, and can be a fun family activity as you teach others how the sail works in relation to the winds.

Powerboat Advantages

Ease of Use: Powerboats are much easier to acclimate to if you’ve been driving a car for any number of years. They’re extremely easy to use, as you only need to switch the ignition on and steer, while the engine does the rest. There’s no extra activity required, such as configuring sails or learning how to make use of the tide and winds. The downside to this, of course, is that powerboats require more maintenance and constant fuel top-ups, making them more expensive to maintain on a long-term basis.

Speed: Shooting across the water can be a lot of fun, and nothing does this quite as well as a powerboat. Engines come in a variety of different sizes and horsepower, meaning that you can buy a small but fun craft for sailing at the local lake, or a much more powerful speedboat that can get you to your destination in minutes. They also tend to be the preferred choice when it comes to wake boarding and water skiing.


Because powerboats tend to have a hidden engine compartment and no large sails on the top, there tends to be much more available space for passengers. This doesn’t only apply to the observation deck on top, but to the living space below deck, which will be much more spacious and easier to navigate.

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