Electric Off Roaders Currently In Production

For a long time, most people associated electric vehicles with small city cars, but over the years, electric vehicle technology has undergone rapid change, and we’re seeing EV adoption in a much wider range of different vehicle types. One of these is the off roader, a vehicle that’s designed from the ground up to be able to go where most other vehicles simply can’t. And since it would no longer rely on nearly as many moving parts, it’s speculated that future EV off roaders are going to be even more reliable than their fossil fuel ancestors.

There’s still some way to go before electric off roaders become more common on the market, it’s expected that not only will these vehicles be important, but they will change the offroad industry forever.

The Jeep Recon

Expected to debut at some point in 2024, the Jeep Recon is a 100% electric Jeep off roader that takes all the best that Jeep has to offer, but without the emissions. The model has already been highly rated for its outdoor capabilities and can keep up with any other petrol or diesel-based vehicle in Jeep’s arsenal. More information is set to be released over the months, but the Recon will have a range of modern features that one would expect from a top-of-the-range Jeep.

Hummer EV

Hummer has long been associated with large, gas-guzzling SUVs that were built to be anything but kinder to the environment, but as more people seek out electric vehicles, companies like Hummer have had to change their tune. And the product of this is the Hummer EV SUV, a vehicle that has the potential to be one of the best EV off roaders on the market. In fact, the Hummer EV announcement was such a massive success that the vehicle has already sold out for the next few years, but more will become available as the market stabilises.

Mercedes EQG

The EQG is one of the latest vehicles in their EV range, and Mercedes has explained that the EQG will be even more capable than its gas-powered counterpart thanks to the fact that it will have a motor set on each wheel.

The EQG will come with 7 different driving modes, and it’s speculated that it will be just as comfortable to drive it up the side of a mountain as it would be taking the kids to school in the morning, something that Mercedes has already perfected with previous off roader models – although potential buyers might have to get rich with online blackjack before they can afford it.

Land Rover Defender EV

The Defender is one of Land Rover’s best-selling SUVs, and an EV version of the popular car is currently in the works. Planned for release in 2025, Land Rover has announced that there will be a total of 3 variants for sale. Land Rover has also said that the vehicles will be capable of a range of almost 500 km thanks to a powerful 100 kWh battery.

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