Buy a New Motorcycle With These Expert Tips

Expert Tips on Buying a New Motorcycle

Unless you’re a veritable motorcycle expert who is up to date with all the latest developments in the industry, buying a new motorcycle can quickly become an overwhelming experience with far too many options. However, its imperative that you do plenty of research before going out and buying the first motorcycle you like the look of. Rather follow our guide for choosing a new ride.

Get Your License

This might seem obvious, but we would be remiss if we didn’t include this section. It’s important that you are licensed before you purchase your new motorcycle as being well-versed in the rules and regulations of motorcycle riding is imperative to keeping you safe on the road. Far too many motorcyclists fall victim to road accidents by not following safety regulations to maintain their visibility at all times.

Deciding What to Buy

This is the hardest decision of all as you certainly don’t want that dreaded feeling of buyer’s remorse as soon as you’ve signed the paperwork. The choices may seem limitless, but important factors to consider are weight, engine size, riding position and price. 250cc-500cc motorcycles are perfect for beginners and it’s important to take note of reviews and ride reports.

Visit a Dealership

Once you’ve done your research, visit a dealership which stocks the motorcycle you’re interested in as seeing the motorcycle in person can greatly influence your decision. Make sure to look at a few different options while you’re there and don’t get too hung up on what you initially thought you may want. Just like you may have your favourite slots NZ, it’s always good to try new things! Be sure to quiz the salesman thorough as you want to leave armed with all the information necessary.

Take a Test Drive

Performance must be one of the deciding factors when purchasing a motorcycle as while reviews are helpful and necessary, they cannot help you feel what it’s like to be on the motorcycle. Pay special attention to the weight and the lean of the ride, take it around corners to see how it handles, and work your way through the gears to get it up to a good speed.

Explore Financing Options

Unless you’ve been saving, you most likely won’t be able to purchase your new motorcycle outright and you’ll have to pay it off in instalments. This is known as financing and it can be very helpful in your quest to purchase a new ride. However, there are plenty of institutions which offer finance on vehicles (including motorcycles) so be sure to get quotes from more than one.

Obtain Insurance Quotes

Once finance has been approved and the motorcycle is being readied for collection, be sure to start investigating your options for insurance. Do not ride your motorcycle off the shop floor without having secured insurance first – this may become a typical Murphy’s Law situation otherwise! Obtain quotes from various insurance providers and always go for a comprehensive option.

Storage and Safety Gear

Even though your new motorcycle will be insured, it’s still best to try and prevent anything from happening to it. Make sure your motorcycle is covered and secured with a locking system such as wheel and rotor locks or parked in a locked garage. Make sure to only ever wear DOT approved safety gear such as a helmet and protective jacket and always ride safely.

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