Fastest Yachts In The World

Yachts – Elegance, Luxury and Sometimes Speed

When one thinks of yachts, one imagines a blue sea with a gorgeous white boat at anchor filled with pretty people drinking cocktails. What doesn’t immediately come to mind is speed. Even so, some superyachts boast a blistering turn of speed on the high seas.

Foners – 70.1 knots: Built in 2000, Spain

Officially King Juan Carlos of Spain’s yacht, the Foners is the fastest of her class in the world. This sleek beauty boasts triple waterjets propelled by two 1,280hp MAN engines and three Rolls Royce 6,700hp gas turbines. Not only is she incredibly fast, but she is also incredibly luxurious offering accommodation for eight guests as well as staff quarters.

World is not Enough – 67 knots: Built in 2004, the Netherlands

Built by Millennium Superyachts in the Netherlands, the second fastest yacht in the world is oddly named The World is Not Enough. Two Paxman diesel engines and two Lycoming gas turbines, producing a staggering 20,600hp, propel this superyacht. She can accommodate 10 guests in the height of luxury, offering among, other things a banqueting table, world-class galley and internet connection good enough to enjoy FIFA World Cup betting online.

Galeocerdo – 65 knots: Built in 2003, Italy

The Galeocerdo is probably totally unique among superyachts. She is designed to maintain high speeds in rough seas, which has resulted in an entirely futuristic look. This is not a boat that one would imagine at anchor on a shallow reef; she looks like she needs to be moving at all times. The Galeocerdo is driven by three Vericor TF50 gas turbines, each driving a Rolls-Royce Kamewa water jet. She also boasts triple screws.

Gentry Eagle – 64 knots: Built in 1988, Great Britain

This veritable classic still holds her own among the top fastest yachts in the world despite being almost 30yrs old. She was built by Tom Gentry, who holds the records for nearly every powerboat achievement in the world.

Kereon – 62.3 knots: Built in 2004, Italy

This Italian beauty is smaller than some of the others on our list, accommodation only six very lucky guests at one time. She is driven by three diesel engines delivering power to twin screws.

Brave Challenger – 60 knots: Built in 1960, Great Britain

Even older than the Gentry Eagle, the Brave Challenger is positively a senior citizen at almost 70 years old. She has three gas turbines that generate 13,620hp and allow a maximum speed of 60 knots on two surface drives. Amazingly, she is still seaworthy and can usually be found at Southampton UK.

Oci Ciornie – 60 knots: Built in 1998, USA

This futuristic looking yacht is also one of the golden oldies. She is fitted with twin 1,800hp MTU 16V 2000 M90 engines, a 4,600hp AVCO Lycoming gas turbine and Arneson surface drives to produce a top speed of a scorching 60 knots.

Black Bullet – 58 knots: Built in 2005, Italy

We end off with the gorgeous lines of the Black Bullet. She is the fastest yacht in the Otam series, and although small, delivers a ride like no other. She can accommodate six guests and two crew, but her draw is in her daintiness and the ability to pilot her yourself without the need for loads of people.


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