Flying Cars From Throughout History

It’s long been a staple of science fiction’s idea of the future that we’d all be zooming around in personal flying cars. For decades, people envisioned small, mobile vehicles that were able to both be used as ground cars, as well as small aeroplanes, allowing us to take off in those times that the traffic became too much to bear.

The concept for flying cars is actually much older than most people think, and can be traced back to the beginning of the 1900s, not long after the first production cars had made their way into the public market, and the same time that other industries were starting out, such as Lucky Nugget casino Canada. Many engineers at the time saw the potential of taking something that had already been somewhat refined, and making it able to travel the skies. A number of prototypes and designs have been created over the years, and while some of them saw enough success to be noteworthy, the flying car remains a dream of the future.

The First Flying Cars

Henry Ford, the famous businessman who saw true mass production of the modern 4-wheeled car was one of the first people in history with a dream of making a type of car that was able to leave the ground. In 1926, Ford revealed the project he’d been working on: a prototype flying car called the ‘Sky Flivver.’ This singe-seat aeroplane was much more closely related to the monoplanes that were used at the time, but the idea at the time was to have a machine that was capable of personal transport.

The project was cancelled two years later after a fatal accident that saw the pilot killed while attempting to take off. While the Sky Flivver project was considered a failure, it did spawn an entirely new generation of attempts at making a flying car.

The Aerocar

The next flying car to make headlines was the Aerocar, a vehicle that was designed and built by Molt Taylor in 1949. The Aerocar was the first true hybrid of car and plane – having the body of an automobile but the ability to have wings and a propeller attached to it. It underwent a number of tests throughout the years, and the designed was improved and refined. The biggest problem, however, was that the car needed wings to be attached to it in order for it to fly, something that would have to be done while the car was stationary, and it was considered too much of an inconvenience.

Modern Flying Cars

There have been countless attempts over the last few decades to perfect the flying car, but there has yet to be any successful iteration that would work in the modern world. There have been reports that companies such as Uber have been working on advanced flying cars, but it remains to be seen whether any real progress will be made. While it may never see public use, a working flying car would be a testament to our modern future.

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