How Do I Get Into Motorbike Racing?

It’s difficult not to become inspired in order to get on two wheels when you see the likes of Marc Marquez as well as Valentino Rossi speeding around a track at 200mph. Motorbike racing, not like other sports such as football or rugby, the path to MotoGP isn’t an obvious one. We’re here to show you the way to stardom but first, you need to know what you’re signing up for and what steps you need to take before you hit the track.

Join A Club

You can’t get a racing licence without being a member of a racing club which is affiliated to the Auto-Cycle Union (ACU). The great news is there are hundreds of racing clubs around the UK, as well as across the globe, and they’re spread right across all areas. There’s no way around this and you will need a club official to sign your licence application. However they will normally do this as soon as you apply to join their club.

Purchase A Motorcycle

When purchasing your first race bike make sure that there is a class you can race it in.

Here are some tips for selecting a motorcycle that’s right for you.

Make Sure The Bike Feels Good

Not only does your motorbike need to fit you however it also needs to be comfortable. Beginner motorbikes tend to put riders in a fairly neutral seating position which allows for great visibility, comfort as well as range of motion.

Don’t Assume You Know What You Would Like To Do

Sure, those Supercross people look as if they’re having a grand old time catching all that air, however if you don’t have a buddy with lots of land handy, perhaps a dirt bike isn’t the best choice for you. In the same way, a cruiser might look really cool, however might not deliver the performance you’re looking for.

Plan On Purchasing At Least Two Bikes

You need to plan on your first bike being precisely what its name implies. It’s your first bike but not your last bike. Don’t be worried about getting bored on it — you will. Don’t worry about looking cool on a “learner bike” — you won’t. If you want to look cool rather go to After your first season, you’ll probably be shopping for bike #2.

Auto-Cycle Union (ACU) Licence

Once you’ve got a club membership you will be able to apply for an ACU licence, which is arguably the most essential aspect of getting into racing. The ACU is the UK’s governing body for motorcycle sport. In addition, it is recognised by the Federation Internationale Motorcyclisme (FIM) – the organisation responsible for MotoGP. It’s remit is to oversee motorbike racing in the UK and provide members with the opportunity to get involved in motorbike racing, regardless of ability and without discrimination.

How Can Young Riders Develop Their Technique?

A lot of motorbike riders have come from schools where they’ve learned the basic techniques already. You see less motorbike riders these days making fundamental errors. The crucial thing is to have a good position on the bike in order to know which line to take, anticipate the corners, and then later the talent and speed of the rider shows through.

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