Everything There Is To Know About Jet Boats

Boats are by no means a new invention, and it’s believed that the world’s earliest civilisations were well acquainted with moving over the water with their rudimentary boats. It’s only been since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution that we’ve seen boat technology hit entirely new heights, from nuclear powered submarines to hyper vessels capable of travelling at incredible speeds along the top of the water.

Among this class of new seafaring vessel is the jet boat, a high-performance vehicle that works a bit differently to the conventional vehicles that we’re used to. Jet boats can be found across the world, but originally come from New Zealand, where they remain extremely popular among the locals. Here we will break down everything there is to know about jet boats, including how they work and what makes them different from traditional vessels.

How Jet Boats Work

Most boats in the world today make use of a prop and outdrive, jet boats instead make use of either a single or double engine that comes with an impeller, capable of pulling in water from in front of the boat and then jetting the water out of the back, providing enough thrust to not just move the vessel forward, but at incredibly fast speeds.

A pump within the boat draws water into the hull, where the water is then pressurised before being pumped out of the rear at a much higher velocity. The amount of thrust that the boat is capable of creating depends on the hydrodynamic design of the vessel combined with its overall weight. Jet boats that are made slim and light tend to quite fast, and it’s not uncommon to see them gliding over the top of the water at breakneck speeds. The impeller that helps propel the boat can also make a large difference, and there are a number of different impellers that offer torque at various ranges.

When They Were Invented

The concept behind the jet boat had been in the works for decades, but it would only be in the middle of the 20th century that we would have working vessels, and while they have been improved immensely in recent years, the fundamental mechanics have very much remained the same. Sir William Hamilton is credited as the inventor of the original jet boat, which he completed in 1954.

He had intended them to be used for the fast flowing and shallow rivers of New Zealand, where boats often had an issue with their propellers hitting rocks in the water. In fact, their entire design was centred around making a boat that was able to safely navigate shallow water, something that had previously been close to impossible.

Their Rising Popularity

While the jet boat may have been released in the 1950s, it wouldn’t be until the 1990s that they would gain mainstream popularity.

Once they did, they quickly became a favourite for river sailors across the world, and while they did simmer down as a trend in the early 2010s, they have once again made a big comeback, and there’s never been a better time to hop on to https://australianslotsonline.net to start earning the cash for a brand new jet bike.

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