New and Improved Boats of The Future

Boat technology is among the oldest of the modern world, and water vessels are largely to thank for the growth of globalisation and industrialisation across the world. The technology that once powered boats, such as steam, has long since fallen away, instead being replaced by diesel, solar, and sometimes even nuclear power. But this isn’t the end of boat advancements, and we can expect some truly fascinating vessels in the coming future.


1. Earthrace Powerboat

The Earthrace is an eco-friendly powerboat designed to show the world that oil is not necessary to create powerful water machines. Powered by either solar energy or biofuel, the Earthrace is a cutting-edge boat that was tested with a journey across the earth’s oceans.

In fact, the Earthrace was able to get across all of the world’s oceans in 61 days, setting a new record. On top of this, it was able to accomplish this feat without using any fossil fuels.

2. The Oculus

The Oculus yacht is the leader when it comes to modern technology, boasting sleek designs and unparalleled comfort.

Created as a distance yacht, the Oculus is able to comfortably carry to 14 guests, with plenty of space and storage to take them across the world without too many extra necessities required, but there is internet access for online bingo and pokies sites in NZ.

3. Wallypower 118 Superyacht

There are few water vessels that can quite match the Wallypower in terms of aesthetics and overall performance.

With a maximum speed of 60 knots, the 118 is significantly faster than any other yachts within the same class, using a combined diesel and gas turbine engine system. Costing over 14 million British Pounds, there is only one Wallypower in the world, which is owned by the Kondakji family. Whether more will be built in the future remains to be seen.

4. The Sea Phantom

The Sea Phantom is designed with the sole intention of allowing it to cruise effortlessly across the top of the water, and it’s something that the Sea Phantom is able to do without too much difficulty.

Created by Maritime Flight Dynamics, this vessel is all about maintaining a high cruising speed with the least amount of resistance possible, something they made possible by giving it the ability to skim over the water. Once it reaches a certain speed, it’s able to “skip” across the water quickly, meaning that there aren’t many other open water vessels that can keep up with the Sea Phantom’s top speed.

5. Code X Yacht

The Code X Yacht can only be found in Switzerland, where it’s possible for those lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this incredible vessel as it skims across the top of the lake.

The boat features electric motors on top of twin Formula 1 engines, allowing it to reach maximum speeds of 80 knots. There are very few boats in the world that can match the Code X in terms of speed and overall design.

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