Guide To The New BMW i5

Electric Super Car Of the Future

There have been a number of electric cars to come out in the recent past, all hinting at a potential future where gasoline is no longer required. One of the most anticipated of these is the incredible BMW i5, sibling to the already released i8 and i3. The i5 is set to launch in 2021, and when it does it may change the way the world views cars.

Better Battery Breakthrough

All of this future tech is thanks to a breakthrough in battery technology.  Says BMW R&D boss Klaus Fröhlich: “It will feature our fifth-generation battery electric system — a step that will take us to the next level,” he confirmed. “The breakthrough in energy density came last year and now we are well underway to productionising it. The remaining obstacles have been answered.”

Committed to selling 25 electric models by 2025, twelve of those will be fully electric which is as yet not seen in BMW’s range. The fully electric cars will not only be silent to run but also much more economic.  BMW is investing over 300 mill dollars in a battery R&D facility so that it can control the production and supply of all of its batteries in-house.

Increased Range

Not only does the i5 look set to be the new kid on the block regarding speed and economy, it is also set to have an increased range. Reports say that the car will be able to go anything between 500 and 700 kms on one charge, which is close to a regular cars fuel tank range. This puts the i5 firmly in the rival of Tesla’s offerings, as they so far can only go up to 350km’s on a charge.

Best Charging Performance So Far

One of the main issues we have had with electric cars up until now is the charging necessity. Even the BMW i3, which is a popular vehicle, would be much more popular if it took only a few minutes to charge enough to use instead of hours.

Many Australians have little time to spare, and waiting around for hours in order to be able to use your car is not ideal, even if you could spend the time productively by placing bets on sports in Australia possibly winning some big money. The i5 it seems, with its new generation battery, looks set to knock that issue out of the ball park.

Nearly Fully Autonomous

The final feather in BMW’s cap with the 2021 i5 will be that it is nearly totally autonomous. Not quite level five, they predict, but pretty darn close.

For those who are not clued up, level 5 autonomy means that the car does not need any human interaction at all in order to drive. Level four means that it is nearly fully autonomous but still needs a human driver. Level 3 is where the vehicle is autonomous in most driving situations. The i5 looks to be at least level three if not even level four.

A Car For The Future

Overall, the i5 looks set to usher the human race into the future of motoring. Global warming is a huge worry right now, but with cars like this, we may just have a chance to turn things around. Another thought to leave you with: your children will very likely not have to take their driver’s license as cars will be driving themselves. We may very possibly be the last generation ever to have to learn to parallel park…


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