Six Iconic Motorboats

It’s not uncommon for people to collect classic and vintage cars, but there are plenty out there that instead pursue legendary motor and speedboats. These are vessels that have stood the test of time to retain their popularity throughout the years, and are popular collectibles.

The Delphine Super Yacht

The Delphine is the only steam-powered superyacht still in operation, featuring a quadruple steam expansion engine that is not often seen in such models. Built by the Great Lakes Engineering Works, the distinctive vessel was often seen around the Detroit and Chicago in the 1920s.

The once majestic vessel had fallen into a state of disrepair in the early 1990s after surviving World War II as a flagship for US Fleet Commander-in-Chief. It wasn’t until the Bruygnooghe family bought her for scrap and began a ground-up restoration program to restore her former glory. If you ‘re interested in taking her for a cruise, she is now available to charter…

Sunseeker Superhawk 50 Motor Boat

The Superhawk 50 is the largest of the iconic Hawk series, showcasing – alongside unprecedented power – a definitive sleek profile. There is no space here for luxurious cabins or lavish swimming pools, just a simple focus on cruising old-school that stands the test of time.

Mimosa – Dunkirk Little Ship

The ‘ Dunkirk Little Boat ‘ is synonymous with the ships that in the 1940 evacuation ferried British and French troops from Dunkirk beaches. Today, many of these hardy little ships remain as beloved and sought-after antiques, boasting a fitting classic style and heroic back story.

Bertram Moppie Motor Boat

This is another classic boat that takes cues from Hunt’s V-bottom,‘ Huntform’ shape, with a deep V stern section. Yacht broker Dick Bertram became enamoured with the Hunter and commissioned Ray Hunt to design a 30 ft wooden utility or commuter boat–the result of which is the Bertram Moppie. For years to come, the race-winning design has changed the look and make-up of boat hulls.

Riva Aquarama

First launched in 1962, the Riva Aquarama has become somewhat of a nautical legend, with some calling it the Ferrari of the boat world. With its elegant mahogany hull and tapered shape, it is the epitome of elegance and luxury, undoubtedly one of the world’s most photographed and sought after classic ships, and because it’s a classic, it’s a costly buy, one that would require a win from online roulette NZ to afford.

Fairey Huntsman 28 Sportscruiser

Regarded as the Jaguar E-Type of the oceans, the Fairey Huntsman transformed the powerboat face in the ‘ 60s. The boat was named after American naval architect Ray Hunt, the game-changing deep-vee hull builder, although the actual design took on new elements with the input of Alan Burnard, Fairey Maine’s chief designer.

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