The Best Bike Mods Worth Investing In

In terms of sheer acceleration, bikes tend to reign supreme in the racing world. They’re light, fast off the line, and fairly easy to maintain compared to their four-wheeled counterparts. And just like cars, it’s also possible to modify a two-wheeler to get better performance out of it. This can be in the form of faster top speeds, improved acceleration, or even better handling.

Here we will be looking at the best bike mods that are available on the market right now.


Most bikes come with windshields built right in, and it’s something that a bike owner might completely overlook as more of an aesthetic addition than anything else. But windshields, being on the front of the bike, can make a big difference to the overall aerodynamic flow of the vehicle, and various styles can have a significant effect on the stability of the bike, as well as how well the rider is able to see while travelling at high speeds. This can be especially true for bikes that have small windshields that only serve to force wind into the face of the rider.

Performance Bike Tyres

Tyres are a relatively cheap methods of getting better speed and handling out of the bike without having to do any serious modifications. Most bikes bought at the shop will generally come with a standard set of all-purpose tyres, and while these are fine for most scenarios, they won’t be able to get the kind of performance that a rider might want out of their two-wheeler.

Performance tyres can be expensive, but that expense is going to ensure a much smoother ride, a better ability to take corners, as well as improved traction both on regular streets as well as track asphalt. It’s worth investigating the right set of tyres for different climates, as this can also have an impact.

Aftermarket Air Filters

The air filters is what allows the bike to take in fresh air, so it makes sense that a better quality filter will bring in cleaner air and allow for improved combustion in the engine. Most store-bought bikes come with a filter that will work well enough, but for that extra kick of speed, an aftermarket air filter is a good investment.

Not only that, but air filters tend to last for many thousands of kilometres, so it eventually pays for itself over the long-term. It may be worth saving the winnings from roulette Canada games for real money and buying a great air filter.

Professional Suspension Installation

Bike suspension systems are extremely different to the ones found in cars, and it’s vital to have the right weight ration to keep the bike balanced during a ride. This can improve the handling of the bike, the quality of the ride, and make it much safer to take on longer rides. Having a suspension system install professionally is one of the best ways to get the best performance out of a bike.

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