The Best Car Mods For Better Performance

Most cars are designed to work in a very specific way, using standard parts that are easy to repair and replace if need be. This also means that most cars are not really designed for performance – reliability, comfort, ease of repair, and efficiency are generally at the forefront of modern car design.

But cars are also quite modular, meaning it’s possible to take on part off and replace it with a different one. This can sometimes mean better fuel efficiency, for example, but the vast majority of car modifications are focussed around getting more performance out of a vehicle.

There are dozens and dozens of different types of car modifications and upgrades, but here we will take a look at some of the most popular on the market.

Exhaust Upgrades

It’s not uncommon to hear a car with a modified exhaust before seeing it. This is because a lot of people add mufflers to their exhausts to make the car louder – although this does not always mean that the car is faster. But upgrading the exhaust does offer some benefits, as improved venting from the engine allows for more efficient burning of the fuels and better removal of the by-products from the combustion process. It’s not the cheapest upgrade to make, but it can often provide a serious boost to the vehicle’s performance.

Fuel Upgrades

Another way to get more out of the engine is by dumping more fuel into cylinder. This can be done with a fuel system upgrade, such as a high flow fuel pump, high flow fuel filters, better injectors, larger fuel rails, among others. The more fuel that’s going into the engine, the more it’s able to burn, and the more power the car is able to deliver.


Most people focus on adding parts to the car or upgrading the engine, but it’s quite often the tyres that make the biggest difference overall. Investing in a good set of tyres and keeping them properly inflated will give plenty of extra performance out on the track or even on the road.

A decent set of tyres can be a fairly big expensive, which can be covered with overtime or Canadian online gambling, but it’s highly recommended for drivers that want the best combination of performance and improved handling.

Driving Lessons

It might come as a big surprise, but arguably the very best way to get more out of a car is taking the right driving lessons. It’s no coincidence that some of the best drivers of all time can shave off a few seconds on the track no matter what car that they use – most cars, even city cars, have relatively powerful engines that simply need the right driver to make the most of. It’s usually not difficult to find classes that offer advanced driving course, and these can teach more details about the vehicles and what techniques to use to get the most out of them.

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