The Best Features In Small Cabin Boats

A small boat with a cabin offers even novice boat owners the opportunity to get out on the water, go for a cruise, and even spend a night in their favourite location. However, not all boats are created equal.

If you’re thinking of buying yourself a small cabin cruiser, let’s look at some of the features that will make your boat even more fun:

Look For A Trawling Boat

Even if you are not planning on spending your days fishing, trawling boats have some great features that everyone can enjoy. Typically, these boats are built with a bigger cabin for overnighting, as well as large storage areas. For anyone that does like to fish, these boats are normally also equipped with rod holders and comfortable seats. The one thing to bear in mind however when purchasing a trawling boat is that they might have a smaller engine than those built for wakeboarding or water-skiing and as a result tend to be relatively slow and not very powered.

All About The Shade

When you are out on the water, you’ll want a shady area that you can retreat to, away from the baking sun. While the cabin part of your boat will of course offer this protection, you also want to look for a boat that comes with a Bimini or hardtop roof. A canvas Bimini will be cheaper and easier to remove than a hard top but does eventually wear down in the sun and may need to be replaced after a few years. No matter which option you go for, try and look for one that is retractable, foldable or removable so that you can store it away when you are not using it or when you want to go fast!

Cooking Up A Storm

If you plan on overnighting on your cabin boat, you want to consider what cooking facilities the vessel has. While some cabin cruisers offer a limited galley inside, this may not always be necessary. A boat with a spacious outdoor area and a removal stainless steel barbeque may be all you need. An outdoor sink and small fridge are also super useful for keeping those drinks cold and washing hands and utensils.

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A Toilet

While small cuddy cabin boats often come with space to sleep, room for the heads can be limited. Meaning, it is not only difficult to stand up but there is also no toilet (the nautical term for the ablution being the heads). However, this is one feature that many of us can’t do without, especially if there are women and children on board! Having a toilet on board is very useful as is a shower, even if this is just a handheld cold, fresh-water shower at the back of the boat.

Enough Seating For Everyone

When looking at any boat, you need to consider how you will be using it. Avid anglers may not need plenty of seating and prefer an open space where they can bring in the fish. However family cruisers will need at least two seats and preferably also a bench seat or u-shaped seating at the stern for children or other guests.

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