The Newest Boat Innovation And Why You Need It

A revolutionary new product is making waves in the world of luxury leisure boating, or rather keeping waves under control.

Introducing an exciting computer controlled gyroscope device, built to eliminate boat roll. This turns the on the water experience into a pleasant one – no matter the sea state.

A number of manufacturers have recently released their own gyroscopes with the Seakeeper and VEEM Gyros being amongst the most popular. These gryos turn every day out on the water into the best possible by eliminating those feelings of seasickness, anxiety and fatigue that a swell can bring. This has, for many that are prone to turning a touch green, truly revolutionised the boating experience. This especially true in the areas where the weather and oceans can be unpredictable.

Gyroscopes are designed to eliminate boat roll by up to 95%! That means you can kiss those days of sea sickness away.

More About The Seakeeper

As one of the industry’s pioneering gyroscope creators, Seakeeper was founded in 2003 by a naval architect. Seakeeper’s innovate technology makes it the global leader in marine stabilisation. Since selling their first gyro in 2008, this USA based company has developed a growing catalogue of models for an expanding range of boat sizes.

So How Does A Boat Gyro Work?

Located within a vacuum encapsulation is a flywheel which spins fast. And when we say fast, we mean it. The gyroscope can reach at speeds of up to 10,700 rpm. The gyro tilts fore and aft as the boat rolls. This movement then counteracts the roll of the boat through the powerful gyroscopic pull to port and starboard.

Can I Get A Gyroscope For My Boat?

A gyroscope requires electrical power to operate, however this isn’t a lot. Running your air-conditioning alone will likely use double the amount of power! Surprisingly, gyroscopes are also not particularly heavy, weighing between 2 and 4 percent of the boat’s weight.

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With no external appendages and this light weight, gyroscopes can be installed virtually anywhere on the boat. This means that installing a gyro on your boat aftermarket is a simple and easy process.

Should I Invest In A Gyroscope?

With marine stabilisation technology rapidly evolving, gyroscopes make the impossible, possible. Through their ability to condense impressive stabilising force into a small volume, unrivalled levels of stability are being achieved.

There is a push to keep innovating amongst gyroscope manufacturers and every day engineers are working to refine the technology available to provide boat owners with the greatest possible level of stability. This means that every time you get out on the water, you can enjoy a fantastic experience no matter the weather.

Truly practical, anti-roll gyros are really revolutionising the boating experience. If you are looking to purchase a new boat, it is highly recommended that you add a gyroscope to your boat. Or if you already own a vessel and are interested in a refit, this is also possible. Either way, it’s an investment that you will appreciate as you get more and more use out of your vessel.

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