Toughest Race Tracks

The Most Dangerous Race Tracks In The World

When we talk about racing tracks, we often picture the Formula 1, spread out over a beautiful part of a coastal city, where fans can gather and watch the cars race by before heading out and enjoying an evening at the local restaurant. While there certainly are plenty of race tracks in the world that are held in spectacular venues and cater to a city-going audience, there are just as many that are truly death-defying, requiring every ounce of skill the driver can muster.

These are the deadliest tracks that the racing world has to offer, and each one has its own set of challenges, twists, and turns that drivers need to be aware of at all times in order to avoid disaster. Racing cars has never been a safe sport, but there are some tracks out there that are so dangerous that they have claimed multiple lives over the years.

Racing is a risk, much like playing the stocks or real money blackjack, but this risk is what makes us come back year after year to watch drivers pull out every stop not just to win, but to survive and finish.

  1. The Dakar Rally

This is a little higher on the list due to the fact that most of the unforeseen accidents that do occur tend not to be fatal thanks to the response teams that are there to help the drivers. Despite that, the Dakar is a notorious race, and for good reason. Spanning hundreds of kilometres of harsh terrain, only the toughest of vehicles can hope to make it all the way to the end.

While the Dakar was once held in Africa, it has since been moved to South America.

  1. Daytona Speedway

The Daytona 500 is one of the world’s most famous races, and also one of the most perilous. This is a race where cars need to be modified just to stay on the road, and also why drivers are packed in extremely tough roll-cages and gear. The race has claimed 36 drivers over the years.

  1. Indianapolis Speedway

There are few races in the world that quite compare to what takes place at the Indianapolis Speedway. It’s most deceitful feature are the long stretches that come before and after sharp turns, allowing the racers to gain some real speed. One, small mistake, and it can send cars straight into each other at incredible speeds. The Speedway has been the cause of 56 deaths in total.

  1. Autodroma Nazionale Monza

This track is located just north of Milan, and is especially infamous not just for taking the lives of the drivers, but that of audience members, too. 52 drivers, 35 spectators, and even 1 official have died at the Monza.

  1. Nurburgring

Particularly famous for being the hotspot for the latest cars on the market, the Nurburgring has been witness to the deaths of 68 drivers while both in competition and practice. While it’s still going today, the Nurburgring is a track that most racers take very seriously.

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