Truly Unique Features in Cars

Cars come in all shapes and sizes, and most modern cars are sold with a set amount of features that are designed to keep the driver comfortable and safe. Some cars, however, were released with such unique features that they’ve only ever been seen in a handful of select vehicles over the years.


Highway Record Player

When Chrysler released Chrysler 300 designs made from 1956 to 1959, a Hi-Fi phonograph player was all the rage. Unfortunately, higher stress from the needle of the record player led to damage of the vinyl used and proved to not be a long-lasting trend. Besides Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth and DeSoto also produced some of their 1956 versions for Highway Hi-Fi record players.


The creative and luxurious Eldorado Brougham was launched in 1957 with a Magnetized Glove Box Mini-Bar. The minibar comprised of a collection of four metal tumblers magnetized to prevent them from moving around or spilling while driving, and perfect for kicking back with a drink while enjoying rival online casinos. While this characteristic is definitely this car’s most bizarre feature, it wasn’t this model’s only luxury feature. Other luxury characteristics of the Eldorado included a dispenser of cigarettes, a dispenser of perfumes and multiple women’s toiletries.

Swivelling Seats

The Laguna S3 was launched by Chevy in 1974. This new layout reduced the wear and tear on the seats of the vehicle, but also improved user experience by making it simpler for travellers to get in and out of the vehicle. The Laguna was not the first to implement this feature, but it’s not that proved to be popular among drivers.

Top Speed Keys

The 2011 Bugatti Veyron retails for about $1.7 million and can achieve a top velocity of 250 miles per hour, but only if the rider utilizes the top velocity button. The button, once pressed, causes the back spoiler and suspension of the vehicle to drop in order to enhance the aerodynamics of the vehicle. In addition, steering is restricted to enhance the safety of the passenger.

Fragrance Dispenser

The Fiat 500 comes with a distinctive dispenser of fragrance that is still found in today’s models. The battery-operated dispenser plugs into the lighter of the car and releases its fragrances at random. The gadget has three different smells that can be replenished once filled.

Massage Chairs

The S-Class Benz 2014 version comes with a warm hot stone massage seat that provides the rider six distinct massage types. 14 Separate air pillows regulate the activity and the temperature can be changed to guarantee comfort throughout any summer. Drivers with a passenger can also customize this function for the back seat.

Umbrella Holders

The Rolls-Royce Phantom and Ghost designs are both fitted with full-size umbrella holders in the back of the car. And although it’s a feature that would only be found in luxury cars today, VW did try and add it to their more mainstream models, but it didn’t prove to be popular among the general public.

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