The Secret Behind A Two-Wheelers Speed

We tend to think that motorcycles are incredibly fast, often much faster than cars, and it’s a large part of the appeal for so many bike lovers.

Bikes are able to achieve blazing speeds in very short periods of time, and it makes them excellent vehicles for usage in racing.

There are a lot of reasons for bikes being so quick on the road. These tips can give a potential new buyer an idea of what they should be looking for when searching for a new bike to purchase.

Understanding Traction Force

One major advantage motorcycles have over cars is their traction force. The more traction that a vehicle has, the better able it is to accelerate at a quick pace, making traction an incredibly important factor when it comes to taking all the available power and turning it into speed. This is why many supercars tend to have low profiles and wider tyres: it gives them better traction, allowing them to quickly take off.

When compared to cars, most motorcycles have better overall traction. The mass and weight that’s put on the wheels does make a difference in how much traction is actually available, front wheel drive cars don’t tend to have quite as much traction as two-wheelers, and neither do rear wheel drive vehicles.

One of the reasons for this is because bikes have a higher percentage of its weight distributed to the wheels, where weight on four-wheel vehicles is distributed more evenly throughout, and often more toward the car’s centre of gravity. When it comes to something like a wheelie, bikes gain the full advantage of traction force.


The power-to-weight ratio is another important aspect to take into account when we’re looking at the speed and acceleration of a motorbike. The acceleration of a bike is calculated by diving the total power over the momentum using simple formulas. Adding more power to the vehicle will give it better acceleration, but in order to get the best acceleration possible, lower weights work best.

The weight and horsepower of a two-wheeler can vary greatly depending on what the bike is designed to do. When we compare to power-to-weight ratio against cars, motorcycles almost always come out on top, even against hypercars like the Bugatti Veyron – although a person would need to spend a lot of time playing at online casinos in New Zealand to afford a vehicle like this.

There Are Some Caveats

The speed of a bike can largely depend on the circuit and how it’s been laid out. For example, a circuit that has a lot of tight corners and not many long straights will mean that a bike won’t be able to reach its top speeds very much and will usually be slower than the car. Cars can take corners more easily while maintaining higher speeds, giving them something of a significant advantage when it comes to certain tracks.

When it comes to drag racing, bikes almost always blow the competition away, accelerating at a much greater speed than cars, but if the straight is long enough, the car will eventually be able to outpace the two-wheeler.

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